Helium DIY : Do-It-Yourself Kits

Depending on how much time and extra hands you have - you can Inflate your own balloons for your function. Its simple and easy, balloons need to be inflated on the day of your function as our Helium Balloons will float on average from 8 to 12 hours depending on outdoor temperature, room temperature, weather and humidity. 

For longer float time you can purchase a bottle of Long Life and treat the balloons which will guarantee your balloons will float longer than one day.

Prices below for Helium DIY Kits includes bottle rental for the weekend.
For bottles kept longer than this there is a Weekly Bottle Rental fee
For Long Term Clients : there is a Monthly Bottle Rental fee
You must supply Credit Card & Drivers Licence details when hiring a Helium Gas Bottle as should the bottle be kept longer then term, regulator or bottle be lost, stolen or damaged fees will be charged.  $100 Security Deposit is also to be held until bottle / accessories are returned.
Helium Gas Contract to be signed confirming you understand all safety rules and regulations that come with hiring a natural helium gas bottle and equipment.

Helium Gas is Cost Effective, Helium is a natural inert gas and is non flammable, Easy to Use.