Helium Table & Room Decor

For adding instant ‘life’ to a room Helium Table Centrepieces and Helium Room Decorations on the floor are perfect !   With a huge range of colours, prints and styles of balloons available we can match Corporate Logos and just about all Themes.   See our Balloon Colour Chart.

Helium Decor

Create the atmosphere with a simple Balloon Table Centrepiece or Floor Spiral.  Using 3, 5, 7 or 15 balloons per bunch, helium balloons bring the room to life without smashing the budget. 

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Our Helium Balloons will float on average from 12 to 16 hours depending on outdoor temperature, room temperature, weather and humidity.  For longer float time we can treat the balloons with Ultra Long Life which will guarantee your balloons will float for two days.


Spangle Table Centrepieces

Spangle Centrepieces are a fantastic balloon table decoration. They are weighted and are great for both indoors or

outdoors.  Helium Balloons can be added to the spangle centrepiece giving the air above the heads instant life.

They can have air filled balloons added to the bottom in the Twin Tier Style or can be decorated with a Posy Box for added elegance.  There are many styles of Spangles available including Birthday Numbers ie: 80th / Christmas / Melbourne Cup / Easter / Valentines Day / St Patricks Day and more.

Add balloon lights to make them sparkle !

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