Balloon Drops

A Balloon Drop is a large net attached to ceiling fixtures with air filled balloons inside.

At that special moment, with an easy pull of a cord, the net opens up and balloons begin cascading downwards over a crowd or dance floor.
Can also be used for a promotional event with winning ticket inside balloons and drop the balloons over your guests, patrons then pop the balloons and find the winning tickets.

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Contact us for a written quote.  Setup charges may be required depending on requirements ie: scissor lift etc

Prices are quoted with delivery and pickup.  Prices do include standard ceiling setups, ie using ladder, or lighting rig brought down to floor.  

For complex setup for higher ceilings / lighting rigs / catwalks, we require use of in-house Scissor Lifts - charges apply.

SITE CHECK : For all Balloon Drop events we will perform a FREE SITE CHECK with your Event Coordiantor to ensure Balloon Drop is applicable at venue.