Confetti Cannons

Confetti is synonymous with celebration, happiness and good times.  Which is why Confetti Cannons make a great addition to every event.   Our cannons can be custom loaded to suit particular colour themes, we use only Large Confetti Pieces which Cleaners can rake or vacuum up easily.  Our Confetti is flameproof and the coloured Paper Confetti is 100% environmentally friendly.


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Hand Held Confetti Cannons

Hand held Confetti Cannons make a huge impact and are a cheaper alternative to Remote Control Confetti Cannons.  Pass half a dozen out to staff and at the required moment they twist with a Bang and Confetti Rains down over everyone.

Size  Distance  
Small Cannons   3-6 Metres
Medium Cannons   5-8 Metres
Large Cannons   7-18 Metres   

Remote Control Confetti Cannons

The Remote Control Confetti Cannon is perfect for that occasion when you need a Confetti Cannon mounted in a lighting rig or at the front of a stage.  Remote control units are capable of firing multiple cannons simultaneously from a range of up to 18 metres away, or can be fired 2 at a time for continuous flow.